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Christine Peterson

Caroline was wonderful throughout the process, walking through the options, explaining them, and then following up. She made the process easy and accessible.

KW Lentz

My spouse and I are thoroughly satisfied, confident and pleased with Caroline Henson's role in coaching us through this complex process of decision-making. Ms Henson was unfailingly conscientious, courteous, competent; in a word, professional.

Bob Rachel

Caroline was very instrumental in introducing my wife and I to Long Term Care Insurance protection. The entire process was seamless and painless. We were both impressed with the professionalism with which she worked and explained to us the benefits of the various choices. Thanks, Caroline!


I believe that a long term care plan is a gift you give your children. I love my daughter, son-in-law & granddaughter so I got a policy to protect them. And it gives me the knowledge that I will have choice and dignity as I age. Caroline found just the right plan for us & I really found her to be a caring professional.


Thanks Caroline! I thought that long term care insurance would not be affordable for me. You not only showed me a plan that fit my needs, but also my pocketbook. Having this policy gives me peace of mind. I will be sending my friends to talk to you also.


My husband and I were planning on self insuring for long term care. We are so grateful and happy that Caroline showed us a better way to transfer this risk. I feel this plan protects not only us but our children and the grandkids. I would recommend that everyone make sure they are fully informed on this issue & would strongly recommend Caroline for helping you do so.


Caroline is such a good listener. She picked up quickly on what was most important to me and found a plan that was just what I needed. It is good to get one more part of my retirement planning taken care of. Peace of mind is "priceless".

Debbie Kovar

Caroline was very helpful and patient with my decision on purchasing long term health care. I feel comfortable knowing I have a plan in place, if I do need long term care at some point in my life.

David Ziehe

My wife and I met with Caroline and worked with her on our long term care policies. She was very thorough, comparing various programs and recommended policies for the both of us. She made sure that we were happy with the policies and options and guided us through the entire process. We are very pleased with her service. Once the policies were in place, she maintains contact with us and answers questions when they came up.

Lonny Gentry

My wife and I used Caroline Henson to obtain long term care insurance. She answered all our questions and was very kind. We received our policy with no problems.

Joel Raymond

My wife and I were so pleased after working with Caroline Henson to find and secure Long Term Care with a strong, reputable insurer. She helped us find the right company, comparing several companies until we were sure we had the right one for us. Caroline was very careful to make sure we were satisfied and made sure that all the "i's were dotted and t's crossed" in the initial application and ensuing years. We feel such relief that we have LTC in our plans for our retirement.

Glenn Julius

For 4 years I had attempted to secure Long Term Care Insurance, and was repeatedly declined by no less than five insurers. I'd had a medical event years earlier which seemed to 'scare' insurers off. But when I began working with Ms. Henson, she encouraged me to complete an application with an insurer she had had good success enabling clients to secure coverage. Within a few weeks, I was a newly LTC insured policyholder. My wife and I are both pleased that we have the desired coverage in place.


Caroline is so easy to talk to. Very knowledgeable and professional, while designing a solution,that works for you. It's a good feeling to have my plan in place.


Caroline, Thank you for your excellent education and guidance in planning for long term care. You definitely know your stuff and best of all, you aren’t pushy - just an advocate. I like that. I don’t know what I would do without my policy. It gives me such a peace of mind. swd
For 4 years I had attempted to secure Long Term Care Insurance, and was repeatedly declined by no less than five insurers. I'd had a medical event years earlier which seemed to 'scare' insurers… Read More

Glenn Julius

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